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I was also surprised that Bobby was keeping word.

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After doing both sides, she stepped back and checked me out. I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to me.

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As you might expect, Ellen still dates other men. Clearly, she was excited over the thought, fantasy or not. Your reply was that if he tried to kiss me, it would be cruel to refuse as that would really hurt his feelings.

What's going on tonight, Kathy? He gave her injections in her knees that took care of the pain but told her she should start walking, not running, for exercise.

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I mean, if you can handle that. As soon as our daughter pulled out of the driveway, my wife closed the drapes.

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Instead, she followed me to the living room and plopped alongside me onto the couch. You look fantastic whether you're wearing workout clothes, jeans, or whatever. As soon as she saw me, she grinned and said, "My, my Looking down at my still pulsing pussy, he shook his head sadly.

Your finger is the biggest thing that ever went into my ass and I can guarantee you, nothing even approaching the size your cock has ever come out of it.

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As soon as his tongue raked over my near bursting clit, both legs shot straight out to the side, rigid and vibrating with the pleasure racing through my pussy. I sat up and read until about 11 PM after which I also went to bed.

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Later in bed, we talked about the experience. I took a fucking 8! The club should pay you to exercise every day.

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Our sex that night was better than any in the previous five years. I continued lying on top of her with my cock inside her while we kissed passionately as it grew soft and slipped out on its own. This was more graphic than I expected.

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She turned aside and fell asleep. I took off my shorts and tee shirt to climb into bed. I have seen large penises; but this was someone my wife may be planning to meet. The action was starting to get hot and I was too so I removed my shirt and continued watching them fondle, grope and kiss.