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It's so bad it isn't even laughable, but steps into the pathetic. Like many Koreans who lived through that era, the event left a strong impression on him, and years later he decided to make a film in memory of Kim's determination and courage.

TNA calls this variation "Full Metal Mayhem", where steel chains are also permitted along with tables, ladders, and chairs. Despite the amusing twists and turns of the plot, Bet On My Disco ultimately relies on its motley crowd of personalities to leave the biggest impression.

This is one of the best things about the film, Hyo-jin's many facets of life love, friends and work are all having an equal voice in the story. The first short, "Enemies in Four Directions," directed by Park Sang-won has most frequently been praised among Korean critics, probably due to its uproariously funny "fake" slow motion footage in the climax.

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There are two aspects of this article -- again, addressing films of different genres than that of Phone - I find applicable here. This main event saw the changing of the guard from the Race Era to the Flair Era in the NWA, both in real life and in on-screen terms — and more than that, it was the moment when the NWA entered fully into the modern era.

When you watch it, it seems to contain not a trace of commercialism, yet it managed to outperform both Hollywood blockbusters and star-studded local movies to land at 1 in the box-office.

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Korean 78, Imported Total attendance: The victory put to rest the idea that Bryan was a "weak link" and proved The Shield could be beaten.

This is a shame, because even though it wasn't a crowd-pleaser, No Blood No Tears is forceful, well-crafted, and distinctively grim.

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The film was shot in a remote village of only eight households, with amateur actors taking all the roles save that of the young boy.

A metaphor for "selling out"? Although this film was not a success at the box-office, it represents both a major step forward for Korean animation and the birth of a wondrous film that deserves not to be overlooked.

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His work has become quite popular with audiences in Europe. WrestleWar "Sid Vicious powerbombing Brian Pillman is one of those moments that could have gone horribly wrong for a person, but something you absolutely have to watch.

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To begin with, it was released just as lead actor Jo Je-hyun was winning over fans in the hit TV drama Piano. Sure, I can find numerous faults with the movie's narrative logic, historical authenticity and production details "Furei senjin," a real historical term, is never spelled correctly; All Japanese women in this movie look and behave in the way middle-aged Korean men would like to think of them, i.

Vengeance After the smashing success of his breakthrough film Joint Security Areadirector Park Chan-wook had the opportunity to make just about any kind of movie he wanted. After discovering this, the boys utilize everything at their disposal to try and save her: If you're looking for a night of low-maintenance fun, without strings attached, you'll probably enjoy the antics showcased in A.