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Custom oligo synthesis services, we've reset your password.

By sending us an e-mail with our excel order file as attachment. The effect of Tm increase is highly dependent on sequence composition and GC content; therefore, each assay has to be optimized.

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Options provided are self-explanatory. Please download this file here and send it to zna metabion. Most sequences range from 18 to 30 bases with the average of 24 bases.

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Furthermore, True dating girls most modifications are more hydrophobic than unmodified oligonucleotides, the full-length modified oligo binds more tightly to the reverse phase media during HPLC purification.

Therefore, keep highly concentrated aliquots in the freezer, thaw them preferably only once, dilute them just before use.

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This may represent a great advantage in multiplex assays, which use multiple sets of primers. There are many different algorithms to calculate the Tm of an oligo.

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A concentration even lower than 50 nM have been proven successful in PCR, without lost of sensitivity. Automated DNA synthesis occurs in the 3' to 5' direction.

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You will also receive a printout of the Mass-Check, free of charge. Be a part of it!

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In the unlikely case, that you do not receive a confirmation within a few hours from sending your order, please inform us immediately. Optimization is always recommended. Accordingly, we offer ZNA-4 building blocks for an unmodified 16mer, for example.

Please provide us with your email address for ensuring an automatic electronic order confirmation right upon synthesis start.

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Please request our public key by sending an email topostmaster metabion. The higher the dilution factor, the faster the fluorescent activity fades away.

Synthesis Scale - The term "synthesis scale" refers to the amount of derivatized solid support used.

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The Tm can be additionally increased, while maintaining specificity, by incorporation of our base analogues: It is a wonderful and promising technology, which has to be explored. The system shall guide you through the ordering process.

For modified — especially fluorescently labelled - oligonucleotides —please avoid or minimize exposure to light, to avoid any bleaching effect.

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The final quantity of product delivered will depend on sequence length, sequence secondary structure, type of modification used, position of modification, number of modifications per oligonucleotide and purification methods used. On the tube label you will find basic information such as oligo name, name of the person who made the order, oligo sequence including modifications, oligo ID, delivered quantity of DNA and molecular weight.

Hence, we offer ZNA primers as short as 10mers and dual-labelled probes as short as 8mers! Yes, they are as follows: Under these conditions, the ZNA oligos will remain stable for several months, even years. Avoid the use of non-sterile distilled water, since its pH may be as low as This results in lower yields after purification.

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Considering the ZNA solubility issues and Custom oligo synthesis services global charge of a ZNA-oligonucleotide conjugate, a ratio of 1 spermine each 4 nucleotides is appropriate.

Also we recommend storing dye-labelled oligos highly concentrated, unless you use the working dilutions within 24 hours. Paying respect to the global charge of the ZNA-oligonucleotide-oligocation conjugates raising solubility issues, we additionally offer ZNA-2 and ZNA-3 cationic building blocks for anionic primers ranging from 8 to 15mers, and dual labeled probes ranging from 10 to 17mers, respectively.