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What the church needs at this hour is not a retreat into paranoia, but an eyes-open boldness of confrontation. It can almost put your eyes out.


South Carolina shot and missed, and Vandy got the rebound. The Trinity is the most unique aspect of Christian truth Dr. Yet for all the emphasis on luxury, one thing is conspicuous by its absence from the ingredients: According to Unilever, this omission is actually to save us from ourselves.

The universe is not eternal and it has not always existed.

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We have a plural noun attached to a singular verb. And the writer to the Hebrews said: But almost as shocking is what goes into everyday, big brand ice cream and, even more surprising, what is left out.

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You can read more about that on Wikipedia. I can even show you an example from the prophet Isaiah: There is something fascinating about this verse in the original Hebrew. We see it in Sodom.

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The truth about the Trinity is the core reality at the center of the universe. The Four Truths And if the first sentence of the Bible is true, it vastly increases the odds that the rest of the Bible is true, as well.

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You see there in verse 1, there are clear references to the Three Distinct Persons of the Trinity. I recall many years ago being in a hotel somewhere, I believe it was overseas, and staying up late into the night searching through the Bible and looking for the top Bible verses that I wanted my children to memorize.

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Scientists are grappling with two issues that seem to point inevitably to creation. If the fourth word of our English Bibles is true, than it only stands to reason that so is the fifth word, and the sixth, and the seventh.

The second is design. When Lot saw them, he rose to meet them, and he bowed himself with his face toward the ground.