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Hammond m3 leslie hook up, connecting to a late model hammond™ tonewheel console

If your organ has four wires going to the speaker, make sure you disconnect one voice coil lead, leaving the field coil connected. You should really re-cap the entire Leslie amp.

Personally I think the new kits stink. Disconnecting the internal speaker is done a little differently, depending on your organ model. Once restored and working correctly, it shouldn't give you any problems for a long time.

Other then that, the connection is the same as shown above. Six-pin amphenol socket and end cap 2. On Leslie models with a selector knob, start with 16ohms - if it gives you distortion at low levels, try with 8ohms.

The described hook-up is for Leslie cabinets using the 6W or universal input and only for stock US models VAC and export models where the supply voltage is the same as the motor relay voltage e. You can also have the versatility of being able to select the speakers, or Leslie, or both, with a connector kit.

Look to the right.

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You got the Leslie dirt cheap so invest whatever you need into it - especially for your own safety. To make it work as cheaply and simply as possible, you need the stuff below.

If you are not comfortable working with electronics and equipment containing high voltages, you should get a qualified technician to help you. I do not guarantee its correctness for all possible combinations of equipment, nor do I accept any liability in connection with this information.

I am only describing the basics of getting started on the hook-up.

Connecting a Leslie 122 to my M3

UK models wired for V and with a V relay. But if you keep having problems you have to take it to a pro - unless you are comfortable doing this type of work yourself. Looking at the schematic is especially important if your organ is model M, M-2 or earlier M-3 where the speaker has four wires going to it.

Connecting to a Hammond Spinet Organ Models: Good luck with your Leslie. These things are high voltage and too dangerous to fool around with. The outlet should be wired as indicated in the pin-out charts on the Leslie Pin-out Data page. The El Cheapo Spinet Kit - as simple as it gets. Connecting a Leslie to my M3 If you are talking about the large filter capacitor can The following information is provided as-is.

For tube organs, Hammond m3 leslie hook up one wire to the speaker s. By now you want more Leslie effect - you would like to disconnect the internal speaker. Check your Leslie cable if you need a ball-park figure on the wire gauge.

The problem is, when filter caps go down there is a chance that serious damage to the power transformer can also follow.