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He had scratches across his arms and back. Inseveral people reported seeing a strange half monkey, half man in Ojaia small town about fifteen miles west of the Billiwhack Dairy.

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She had been born and raised at Rancho Camulos and stated that her father, August Rubel, had "instilled in her a sense of trust and stewardship over Rancho Camulos". Included in the museum is an exhibit on the transportation of goods during the gold rush period and an exhibit on the "scow schooners" used to transport material within the San Francisco Bay area.

Although most accounts of Hemet ca dating urban legend state that the dairy and ranch were abandoned leaving the monster to its own devices, other accounts state that Rubel's wife, Mary Colgate McIsaac remarried in to an Edwin Burger.

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The Billiwhack Dairy according to the legend is a decrepit ruin of what once was a state of the art, very advanced and modern dairy farm. Despite the many documented sightings of Elsie, one big factor rules against its existence.

However, I believe that nearby at is an old building that use to be or is part of what was called the Chimes Building.

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Free parking is available in back of the theater. Hydraulic gold mining area. Redding Museum of Art and History, Location: The production has also been presented to capacity audiences at the Redlands Bowl.

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Some stories attribute the location of its nest as being closer to Wheeler Canyon Road, although most state that it lives in the dairy and ranch specifically.

There are abandoned mines in this recreational area. This museum includes items from the Crestmore limestone quarry. The Billiwhack Monster is apparently a product of this research and experimentation that escaped to haunt the local area.

It was described as being twelve feet long and three feet wide with a series of humps and a dinosaur head. Guests are encouraged to reserve seats early as performances do sell out.

Sadly, the urban legend detailing Rubel's involvement with the OSS remains very suspect and one also has to be skeptical about the creature when combined with the fact that much of Rubel's family remained on the land after he died during World War II.

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Cold spots have been felt and supposedly a ghost has been seen lurking in the basement. Regardless, it's probably best just to be on the safe side to be careful when driving down Aliso Canyon Road and watch out for goat headed monsters.

For more information, please call Mysterious noises, echoing footsteps, and strange cries have been heard in the building. The hilarious misadventures of Anne Shirley and the beloved characters of Avonlea are recreated in this critically acclaimed production that features stage veterans from all over the Inland Empire.