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A bro was beaten up by a soldier for wearing these. This caused Bianca to shut up as Victoria left, saying goodbye to Addison and MC, before she left to mingle with the other guests.

A reminder that nothing lasts forever. Green With Envy cash: Active Duty Cutie diamonds.

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Where the European dressed royals have dark skins. Chick in Marsala diamonds. But you're likely to get a pair of Make Up Artists before getting your first Wardrobe The third girl is the weakest link, mmm? Femme Petale 90 diamonds.

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Olive it Up diamonds. Naturally being a nerd my call is to be a director, but I wonder if it's cooler to be an Asian-American A List movie star Keanu Reeves is seen by everyone as white than an Asian-American A List director.

Had a rough childhood. Bottle Service diamonds. It's slower to get them than getting coins in High School Story, but in no way you should spend real money for cash.

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What is your sexual preference? Just an unhappy face, a little taunt from your rival, and no bonus cash.

Some players farm for new lands by buying them but do not unpack them while they are ready. When it comes to dating, she likes to have fun and doesn't want to be bored during her date. Black and White diamonds. Who sang that song again? If you can't stand the heat, get out of the studio.

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Triple Platinum diamonds. Everyone loves you when you're dead. Your diamonds would be worthy more in buying premium quests or unlocking premium dates than defeating Bianca or Brian Ratzik that time only.

She is a model and wears the level 50 female model outfit.