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What does it do? What do the Joeys do? Can I install the Hopper and Joey system myself? What kind of cabling is used to connect the Hopper and Joeys? The Hoppers we set you up with, for your primary receiver, are Sling enabled. You can Springfield missouri speed dating a show and finish it in any room that is connected to the Hopper and Joey system.

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Does the Hopper and Joey support surround sound systems, like Dolby, 5. This is how they're able to communicate with each other, allowing any connected Joeys to access the DVR system stored on your Hopper. Does the Hopper really make commercials less loud?

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This is ideal if your router or modem is not in the same room as your Hopper, and your installer can set it up for you. Can I use an external hard drive that is currently connected to another DISH receiver and retain those recordings?

MoCA stand for Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance, which basically means that your Hopper and Joeys are connected with a series of coaxial cables. You have some options.

Can I use an external hard drive with my Hopper?

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Additionally, if you lose your remote, the Hopper has a remote finder button that initiates Hoopers hookup alarm in the remote to help you locate it. The remote control locator is a button found on each Hopper and Joey.

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Your Hopper will automatically record three hours of Primetime programming every night, on all of those channels, and make it available to you On Demand for up to 8 days after the initial air date. A wireless card can be connected to the USB port on the Hopper.

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You can access On Demand programming with the Hopper and Joey. Please contact DISH directly for more information at 1 How does it work? Do I need the Internet for the Hopper and Joey to work?

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The Wireless Joey creates a private PIP is available on the Hopper. Some of the cool features of the remote include color-coded shortcut buttons, a button that will pair your remote to its receiver, page up, page down, fast forward, rewind, view live TV, change tuners, search, Picture-in-Picture PIPDISH On Demand, the ability to program other devices such as DVD players, and much more.

However, the Hopper and Joey system usually eliminates the need for other receivers, anyway, as it covers HD-DVR in up to 6 rooms of your home. Although DISH features such as DISH Unplugged and Primetime Anytime do occupy a portion of the hard Hoopers hookup, the Hopper will hold up to 1, hours of standard-definition programming or hours of high-definition programming.