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Alan and Susan briefly reunited but Alan developed impotency.

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Ned got custody of Kristina after Alexis was found not guilty of Alcazar's murder by reason Ian alexander sr dating insanity and was sentenced to psychiatric treatment.

These costumes have included Tina TurnerJulius Caesar and other famous figures, in addition to more abstract costumes, such as one that was half-male and half-female.

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When Rae returned for a brief visit in order to talk to Alan about Skye, Monica responded by serving Alan with divorce papers. When Alan found out Skye knew of Zander and Emily's whereabouts without telling him, he rejected her. The family was sick with worry as they tried to handle it privately without the police; they even formulated a plan to get Jason released from jail so he could silently track down Emily and her kidnapper.

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Continuing their unwavering support of their daughter, Alan and Monica each testified on Nikolas's behalf at his sentencing. Tracy pretended to ingest a tainted drink and then drove her car into a lake and disappeared.

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But a gas leak set off an explosion before he could carry out his plan. Alan denied it, but Monica schemed to make Alan jealous with a fictitious lover. They also sold accessories.

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Luckily their affair cooled into a friendship. Sonny had learned from Jason that A.

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After Alan manipulated Monica into quitting her new position as assistant chief of staff, which Alan had wanted, she went to Green Meadows Spa for a break. A short time later, his demonstration of an early telephone prototype at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia brought the telephone to international attention.

He exhibits more sociable behavior in season five until the finale, when he sides with those trying to sell Greendale, but then double-crosses them too after the sale is scuppered.

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Eventually everyone made it out alive. Alan finally won the war when Monica, prompted by words from Jason, told A.

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The accusation was true. She secretly taped him confessing to trying to kill her and then blackmailed him into giving her a divorce.

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However, Jax ended up leaving Skye for Brenda and Skye returned to the bottle. Monica and Tony were finally able to put him on a drug rehab program at the clinic. When Alan had surgery on his hand he developed an addiction to pain killers.

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