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Now, use the level and a ruler to mark your wall where your screws will go. Another way to verify that there is a break is to use an ohmmeter and check the resistance on the disconnected wires.

If he gets too close he will be given a small electric shock. What are the actual symptoms I am looking for?

Begin by making sure the dog fence boundary wire is securely connected into the transmitter box. Repeat the process for the two remaining wires, one of which is from the first length of two-strand wire and the other from the second length of two-strand wire.

Will it actually zap her? Any suggestions or just another tech call?

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Repeat the process on one end of the new length of two-strand wire's wires. I have read where you advised to set up a stretch of fence and check for interference before completing the installation.

If you do need a different system, getting one that lets you switch to a different frequency to your neighbor would solve the problem.

You can verify this is the problem by having your neighbour switch off their system and seeing if the problem stops. Wire Break Detector Another options is to use a wire tracker or underground cable locator.

Step-By-Step Installation Guide

My question is whether I should put up flags in that area of the yard where the dog will not hear a beep or receive a correction. And, after the dog is trained they should stay clear of the boundary.

Designed for splicing underground wire connectors and moisture-sealing two or more conductors for remote control circuits in irrigation and landscaping, you can find these in electrical wholesale and home improvement stores and online. However, I would not train in these areas.

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The only time there is a problem is when it quits working. If the alarm turns off then you have found your break. I have a green light on the transmitter, tested the system with a RF Choke.

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