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Lionel type 1033 transformer hook up, 1 suggested answer

Use the Color Code convention that makes sense to you. For star wiring, you run pairs of wires all the way from the transformer posts to the points on the track where you need a connection.

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Again notice U is never hooked to outside rail. Most instructions correctly state U is to center rail on this transformer.

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The whistle and direction handle on the has nothing to do with the terminals on the back of the unit. For switches, some people drop even lower, using phone cable.

Set track example with track clips and two track connections.

Proper wire sizing

For lights, 18 gauge wire is usually sufficient. Safety test your transformer. Then, at every point where you need feeder wires to your track, drill holes in the table, run wires up to the track, and splice those wires into the loop.

Option for Additional Track Taps to Modern Track Alligator clips are crimped and soldered to stranded wire for temporary connections to modern track. For a temporary layout, any electrical wire with good insulation will work.

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I'll start by saying U is not common on this transformer!!! If any of the binding post nuts are missing, replacements are available on Ebaybut since the posts are threadedso you can just use an ordinary household nut if you wish.

Circuit protection is needed for trains when using larger transformers.

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The red and white wires of to the right side would be used for a second track connection on the far side of track.

You cannot access that power without completely rewiring the transformer.

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Tips and Cautions for Safety and Ease of Use Follow the instructions that came with your transformer and track. Motts, I know these transformers very well. If email link is absent, please enable JavaScript.

Using multiple s You can team up s for different loops of track on the same layout; just phase them first.

Safety and Troubleshooting

Six short straights between the inside curved tracks would be a big improvement. Lionel and most other 3 rail O and American Flyer trains have universal motors or rectifiers that permit them to run on either AC or DC.

Usage The has two handles.

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Use an external circuit breaker if you use the 5 volt connection. There was a time when you could buy three or even four s for less than a single ZW and end up with slightly more usable wattage.

Start over with your counting at each switch or crossing, as switches and crossings cause more voltage drop than regular track sections. If this is the only transformer you are using to power the track, you should have no trouble.

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I have the instruction sheets. The AC terminals are for accessories only, not track power. Some Lionel transformers could deliver 19, 20, or even 24 volts. The downside to this method is it uses more wire. Before you run modern trains you will want circuit protection for the trains.