Lie to Me Episode 8 Recap - A Koala's Playground Lie to Me Episode 8 Recap - A Koala's Playground

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At the airport waiting room, Ki Joon walks up to the Chairman and bows.

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JA thinks that is funny since she already did everything with JY. Umma is curious, is she strange?

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Ah Jung and Ki Joon walk out of the house. They think the building will be angry if they get a C and not a D. I think the future obstacles for our OTP are pretty clear now. Ah Jung hangs up and throws her phone down.

I actually want Jae Bum and So Ran to work through their rough patch. They take the elevator up together, and she asks him about Sang Hee.

Thank god, because I need these two to stop with the childish antics. She wanted to stay Michigan hook up him.

Ae Kyung thinks their story was like a tragedy, in love but cannot be together. Ah Jung is helped outside and deposited into a taxi. He still cares about her, and obviously she affects him. DH looks at JA working. Ah Jung promises to take care of it, admitting that things have spiraled out of control.

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And what it a kiss it is, leaving the other guests gasping in surprise or looking away in discomfort. Before they can discuss further, Sang Hee arrives to witness this scene, asking them what is going on?

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Hoon reads the text and smiles. He is making excuses to see her. Ah Jung immediately scoots away from Ki Joon. Yoon Joo cuts her foot on a piece of broken glass. He clicks his fingers and tells her that she missed an item.

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YH tells him to stop messing with DH. You want to live quietly for your Umma and kids, I will agree with you. He leans in to kiss her, and she pulls back.

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Ki Joon sits on the sofa and reads a book while Ah Jung runs around the living room cleaning up. Da-jung sees Yul off in the morning and genuinely thanks him.

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YH says she will tell everyone in the company that she had an affair with her and talk about what he wanted JA to do. Ki Joon clearly wanted to talk to Ah Jung one-on-one, but Yoon Joo turned it into a group discussion. But he has more urgent matters to attend to when Na-young rushes out with news that Su-ho recognizes her.