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History of Monterrey It being one of the oldest cities in the country, Monterrey has a rich historical background which shows the strength and sheer determination of its inhabitants. Over the years, Monterrey has grown and some of what used to be nearby towns, now form part of Monterrey itself.

It was in these times of prosperity that the Palacio de Gobierno, now to the North of what is known as the Macroplaza, was built.

In addition to its many excellent temporary exhibitions, MARCO boasts an extensive permanent collection of modern art from across the country.

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Reached by a fun cable car offering superb views over the surrounding countryside, this fascinating network of caves part way up the 1,meter-tall El Fraile mountain, part of the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, makes a fascinating excursion away from the bustling metropolis.

The North American and French invasions caused turmoil in the country.

Where to Stay in Monterrey for Sightseeing

Along the way, you'll discover numerous interesting sculptures including a genuine Canadian Inukshuk, a stone landmark or cairnfountains, and other architectural highlights as the river meanders through the pleasant parkland along its riverbanks. The city of Monterrey is unique for its magical combination of industry, tradition and natural landscapes.

Named after the wispy patterns made by the water as it plunges to the pool below, the falls are accessible via footpath and rope bridge. In the Zona Centro there is also the area known as the Barrio Antiguo the old part of Monterreywhere you will find the first constructions of the city.

Built around the old plant's massive meter-tall blast furnace, the museum includes numerous exhibits dealing with the production of steel, as well as related products and industries.

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However, the evangelisation had started a long time before and by that time, there were already many temples and churches in the area. Be sure to book the services of an English speaking guide or purchase an English language guidebook upon entry.

A fun way to experience the riverwalk is to stroll to Fundidora Park and explore its attractions before heading back Monterrey dating Macroplaza by boat. Widely regarded as one of the best examples of modern sacral architecture in Mexico, this unusual looking catholic church - it's not unlike a WWII era aircraft hangar with its tall walls that curve up to form the ceiling - was constructed by Enrique de la Mora y Palomar in On the 24th of April,the rebel troupes took the city and overthrew the federal forces.

The world's fourth largest public square, Monterrey's Macroplaza is a great place to begin a tour of the city due to its proximity to Monterrey dating of the most important tourist attractions, most within walking distance or an easy bus or subway ride.

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Built in the s, this acre square encompasses a number of older plazas and their monuments, as well as pretty gardens that invite visitors to linger.

Also worth a visit for those wanting to learn more about the city's history is the Metropolitan Museum Museo Metropolitano de Monterreyand the Museo de Monterrey with its large collection of modern art by Latin American artists.

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Eventually several universities were established in the area. It's also fun for families traveling with children due to its carousel and pleasant walking trails.

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Highlights Monterrey dating the museum's 11 galleries include numerous fine paintings, sculptures, and installations from leading Latin American artists, as well as a smattering of works from international artists.

Many of these well-preserved houses, colonial in appearance, are now excellent restaurants and bars, popular among the young and the not so young, especially at the weekends.

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Some of the houses dating back to the beginnings of the city can still be visited today in the area known as the Barrio Antiguo. A short time after, Francisco Villa, 'el Centauro del Norte' would arrive.

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The concern regarding a decent education goes back as far aswith the opening of the first Escuela Normal. Cerro del Obispado is also a popular destination for its superb views over the city, along with its monuments, including the huge Mirador del Obispado.

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