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We learned, though, you want to get them on the way out, not the way in. Who wants their company to be public and have a bunch of people speculating and the stock going down next month?

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And that was only accomplished because we got through that trough of sorrow. That that relationship between the two cofounders was as critical as it turned out to be?

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Why do you think people have such a hard time taking that step and actually going and spending time with their users? Before my first stint in Y Combinator inI had tried to start other businesses.

You know what you should do? It was actually her idea. We better get some more people to work on us with this.

In the last few years…at that point, [your experiences] were eight and ten years prior. Can you believe it, right? We were the ones who were there at night programming.

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It was supposed to be an alternative to doing a summer internship, which is like a throwaway job. Because I would be making their website with our software, I would discover something annoying about it.

We would call them all John. All you ever get is a sufficiently good bet. The way I got to be talking about startups really was, one of my tricks for writing essays was to agree to give talks.

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You should keep that. I was tired of being poor. So then you were in charge of getting users? It was a wide-ranging and very interesting interview that dove into why Graham first got into entrepreneurship, how he chose his cofounders, the experience of building and selling Viaweb, the inspiration behind starting YC, and much more.

So it was really this last minute seat of the pants thing. They had just announced they were looking for their second batch of startups to fund.

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You want a bug fix? Our website was static HTML. It was the first week of the actual batch? He graduated the same weekend the Yahoo deal closed.

But we persisted in it for six months trying to sell this thing to people that nobody wanted. I basically went back to my old life of sitting around hacking and writing stuff.

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A fact I did not realize until my mother told me about it: We thought of that first group, we thought of it as this throwaway thing. Still, to this day, one of the big things programmers do not get is how traumatized users have been by bad and hard to use software.

Sometimes, somebody would report a bug to us. How can I get some momentum going again?

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And we took that applications by e-mail. So you sold the company, when your goal, originally, when starting the company was to make money.

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And when we got to New York, all the leaves had blown off. It sounds weird, but it was questioning Donald Rumsfeld.