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We liked the fact that you can change the frequency of the subwoofer from anywhere between 50 Hz to Hz depending on how you want to fine tune the entire system.

The subwoofer also comes with automatic signal sensing and powers on or off depending on whether any signal is detected. It literally made the entire living room shake.

The Definitive Technology ProSub is a high-performance subwoofer and one of the best subwoofers we have tested. Overall, the Polk Audio PSW is an extremely versatile subwoofer and one of the best Dating sites in sydney australia we have tested that delivers really good sound performance.

We liked the fact that the subwoofer comes with an attractive premium black ash finish and black cloth grille that makes the subwoofer look really sleek; it has a dimension of This subwoofer works very well regardless of the type of music genre that you throw at it and delivers lots of deep bass impact that can be tailored according to your music preferences by adjusting the bass knob or receiver crossover.

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This roll-off allows you to blend the subwoofer with your main speakers and eliminate muddy midrange tones from the subwoofer. At the rear of the subwoofer are bass gain and level controls as well as phase control switch for tuning and variable low pass frequency control.

The internal enclosure also has internal bracing which strengthens the entire enclosure as a whole and reduces sonic vibrations and resonance. Watching movies with this subwoofer feels as though you are sitting in a real life cinema theater and you can literally hear and feel the bass in the entire room.

Music performances sounded crisp and punchy — we liked how instrumental music sounded with this subwoofer and the drum beats could literally be felt in the entire room.

We liked the fact that you can adjust the volume and frequency tone of the subwoofer on the rear of the subwoofer. It also comes with a solid MDF cabinet construction which reduces distortion and standing waves.

It comes with a Sledge STAD amplifier that delivers plenty of power to the woofer and integrates well with your surround sound speakers. The Pioneer subwoofer has a vented enclosure for extended deep bass performance and can be placed virtually anywhere in the room. The long slotted vent design reduces turbulence and standing waves which makes the bass sound much more full from the cabinet.

We were surprised at how such a compact subwoofer could produce that much bass — enough bass to literally shake your entire home or apartment. The most important criteria that we base our selection upon is bass output — we only pick subwoofers that can deliver a really tight low-end punch without muddying into the midrange frequencies or overwhelm the other frequency ranges.

The subwoofer level control is mounted to the side of the subwoofer for easy reach. The bass output that we got from the subwoofer was solid and strong, and makes watching movies or listening to sound effects a much more enjoyable sonic experience. The subwoofer is rated up to watts of continuous power and this becomes apparent when you listen to movie soundtracks and music with the PSW subwoofer.

When we played music through this subwoofer, it sounded really smooth and well-defined with a nice bass texture at the low-end and lower midrange frequencies. It has a built-in circuitry that turns the subwoofer on and off when you switch on the sound system.

The entire subwoofer comes in a solid cabinet that is made of high-density MDF fused together. The subwoofer comes with a modern BASH amplifier that produces a lot of power for your movies and music to enhance the deep low end sound performance.

It has a maximum power output of watts and you can really crank up the volume and bass output on the Pioneer SW-8MK2 without hearing any distortion. The subwoofer has a sensitivity of dB at 30 Hz.