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This is a nightmare. You know, maybe it's just a greedy thing to say, but I love it all. Doesn't that sound easy?

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Through the s and early s, the pair debuted a series of shorts at the graphic arts convention SIGGRAPH that caused a sensation, and established enough interest for Pixar to work towards its dream of computer-animated feature films, which it first achieved late in with Toy Story.

You'll never feel you're ready. Though it's kind of torturous: And honestly, it was his encouragement that led to this becoming a short film.

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I was an animator, so you fall in love with a character and you wanna play that character. Ed Catmull, the animation lover and computer genius who developed many of the basic tools of computer graphics, worked hand-in-glove with classically trained animator John Lasseterwho conceived stories that would showcase what the technology could do.

It doesn't have to come out - I always told myself that. Soon a drenched baby bird has retreated, shivering, to her nest and refuses to leave, at least until she develops a little resilience and a lot of courage.

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The responsibility and the leeway you have, and the innovation, on the shorts is wonderful. But wouldn't that be cool?! But eventually even the waves gently washing the shore were controlled, frame by frame, by the animators.

And Piper is a key example of that.

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How Pixar hatched Piper: A feature has to come out but the shorts, you can take some risks and it's OK if it fails. You push the boundaries, even if it's in a small way. Initially, the shorts were only designed to showcase innovations in the software that the soon-independent company had developed, and on which it relied.

The moment we studied birds and we realised they can be so expressive, it set us on a path of, 'We don't know how to animate feathers.

That's what happens when you put artists with software engineers.

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