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Our survey showed surprisingly simple warning signs of high-conflict partners.

We asked them, looking back, what signs they missed or what red flags they saw but decided to ignore. It was common for them to tell us how fast their relationships developed, especially physically. In fact, she outright said it during dinner, but later began kissing and groping me, and begged me to take her to my place.

I was thrilled, because she made me feel that I was very special, and that I was very important to her.


Within a year, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable in the relationship, but my conditioning was that once you commit to a relationship, you follow through with it. We addressed dating patterns of several high-conflict personalities; ways they jam your radar; and our own blind spots to watch out for.

The partner you really want to find will let you be yourself, and let you take your time to get to know them. The interest quickly changed after the relationship had solidified. At first, they would seem extremely flexible and adaptive; it seemed amazing how they shared the same interests.

Then the charm and the spark evaporated. Three key ways that high-conflict partners can jam your dating radar are through excessive charm ; fake compatibility; and intense sexuality.

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Want to know some personalities to avoid? Do you have a friend you want to give some tips?

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Later, it would turn out that this was fake compatibility for the sole purpose of winning their commitment, after which the shared interests would stop. Excessive Charm Nearly 80 percent of our survey respondents were swept up by the charm of their dating partner until they committed to the relationship.

Intense Sexuality Forty-seven percent of the survey respondents said that this category fit for them. We reported the results in our book Dating Radarwith our conclusions that there are several ways to spot trouble.

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If the person seems too good to be true, you might want to look deeper. In many cases, they were willing to risk careers, family relationships, and positions in the community for the intensity of these relationships. Over the years, the stories started to not make sense.

She focused in on me with laser-like intensity. Here are a couple of examples from our survey respondents: Therefore, one of our conclusions was that you should wait at least a year before committing in a big way, such as signing a lease together, getting married, or having children.

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He found out what I valued, and he really became that… until he decided not to anymore. But they should get your attention. He told me he was on his best behavior while we were dating, and now that we were married, he could let his true colors show.

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