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This is not always the pattern, but it is enough of the time to cast some real doubt on the efficacy of using dendrochronology to verify radiocarbon dating.

The complete groundwork for this has been laid down in my article on " Reviewing a Plasma Universe with Zero Point Energy ". I don't understand what you are doing here and the reason for it.

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When the ZPE was lower, the electric and magnetic properties of the vacuum were different and all plasma interactions were accomplished much more quickly. Join today and your membership will help ensure that this site can continue to serve geoscience educators.

Radioactive decay Radioactive explosion Radioactive stabilization Question 12 Remember to register before May 1 to receive the early bird rate! But in the case of the Norway spruce, ancient remnants of its roots were radiocarbon dated.

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Furthermore, there is evidence that the main radioactive elements were concentrated in a layer low in the mantle and came to the surface progressively after that. In once case you may have a change in one part in years, and in another perhaps 2 parts in 14, years.

However, there are many anomalies and there is much evidence of radioisotopic inheritance and mixing because of global tectonic processes having stirred the mantle and added magmas to the crust, which has likewise been stirred by the crustal rock cycle.

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The study team also identified other ancient spruces in Sweden that were between 5, and 6, years old. Olyphant, "Establishing the altitude and age of past lake levels in the Great Lakes," Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs20 5 p.

Radioactive detection Radioactive decay Radioactive neutralization Question 13 Thus we have both observational data and theory to guide us as to the form of equation that the atomic clock rate has been following. It is for that reason that water was needed at Oklo to slow the neutrons down sufficiently for the ore body to start a chain reaction.

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Sean Fox, Carleton College Reuse: But angular momentum must be conserved in this process. To astronomers, this is known as the redshift. Similar patterns can be shown in trees from very different times and different patterns can be shown in trees from the same time.

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Observation indicates that the second option is the one which is occurring. This happens because, as shown by Bohr's first equation for the orbiting electron, each orbit has a given amount of angular momentum which is proportional to Planck's constant, h.

This included the neutrons produced at Oklo.

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B This would not explain the extinction of land plants, which would benefit from CO2. Instead, the evidence for change is entirely consistent with a recent Creation and catastrophic Flood.

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On pages and he describes the discovery at Oklo in the West African Republic of Gabon, of the remnants of an ancient site where an accident of geology produced, for a while, the conditions suitable for a sustained chain reaction to take place - a sort of natural nuclear reactor.

Thank you for your response. Any time during the week-long event, visitors can vote for their favorite videos and ask questions of the presenters.

Andrew Snelling, one of the RATE team members, is a personal friend and was kind enough to give us the following statement for this page to help clear up the above misconceptions and any others: Second, SED physicists have shown that the ZPE controls all atomic orbit phenomena, whether the atom is stable or radioactive.

Your question relates to what has been called the "oldest living tree", a Norway spruce living in Sweden that is claimed to be years old.

If they are on different sides of a mountain one will probably get more water than the other, and in twenty or fifty years their ring thicknesses would not be correlated as coming from the same set of years.

I trust that answers you question as simply as possible, yet gives you some understanding of what is happening. In this case METH.

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