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Meg once accidentally flashed her private parts in a Free Play episode. A long-time fan of Red vs Blue, since her brothers first showed it to her in their teenage years, Barbara was finally given the chance to write the script for an episode by Miles Luna.

This puts her in stark contrast to her most famous character, Yang Xiao Long, who is outgoing and rambunctious in ways that Barbara herself simply is not.

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She got her first tattoo from Geoff during "The Tattooist" documentary. This trait carried over to Yangwho hardly puns in the regular show "I always start my semesters with a Yang! Majored in History in Mass Communications in college.

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She is fluent in English, Hebrew, and French albeit less so than the first two. This can be seen throughout her appearances in the Podcast or On The Spot, in particular. Discord is a free online text and voice chat service that you can use to connect with others.

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She has said that she has a habit of "clamming up" in social situations, meaning she has periods of time where she goes downright silent in groups of people. Some of Yang's puns are her using her name in place of a rhyming word, "bang" seeming most common.

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Civility is of the utmost importance; do not make personal attacks towards other users or use offensive language. The next day, she attended a panel event from the women of Fullscreen, and participated in an event panel for the women of Rooster Teeth, many of whom she herself considers "strong, successful, and inspirational women.

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She is one of two people from Rooster Teeth to do so, Achievement Hunter's Jeremy Dooley since shaved bald likely due to a dye job gone awry the other. She often pokes fun of her heritage during Christmas since Jews have Hanukkah as their holiday insteadbut has photographed herself participating in Christmas parties with her friends nonetheless notably Arryn Zech.

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The exposure is covered up in the video. According to Free Play: She did this cosplay alongside Ashley, who was cosplaying as the other main titular character with a similar outfit alteration.

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On 26 Januarya deranged fan broke into Free and Turney's Austin home armed with a handgun, and fired one shot while the two hid in a closet and contacted authorities.

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She is a natural blonde, although she has dyed her hair occasionally for charity. To join just follow the above link, enter your username and start chatting. She is openly Rooster teeth who is gavin dating and has talked about her bisexuality in her YouTube videos.

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Yang is also blonde, with a serious dislike of having her hair damaged. The Newlywed Game - 30, Meg 's: She is dating Gavin Free.