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You just have to find your way through I really wish the story could have been more long though, I was reading it a while ago and then a little hours later, I was shouting in my head, that's it?

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I could have been more glad if there were more "happy moments"the author have overdrawn the drama bit but hey happy ending woohoo! I thought the characters were well rounded and interesting before. I mean it's great that we actually see the happily ever after, don't get me wrong, but it actually seemed more like the outline for their happily ever after and that left me cheated.

Was there even a mention? There was quite a bit of potential for a full length novel here that might have been spectacular. They were just hollowed out shells in this short story.

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That goes for the rest of the characters as well. It's way too short.

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Not getting it makes the happily ever after less happy. I love Nick as always and Laura was still the same her, she's still worrying if she's the right one for Nick, and I think the author intended to make her that way in order to face what is really what she really wants in life and that is to be with Nick no matter what and yes this issue was already taken in the first book.

When I was searching for a book from the previous Authors I read, I stumbled upon this and I was truly excited that there was a sequel about Nick and Laura's story.

ByShadowseekeron March 30, I don't know why I thought this short story would magically pull together the things that bugged me about Hopeless Romantic, but I really did. And where was her brother? It worked a lot better than this. Basically, this just didn't give me enough and what it did give me was flat and trite.

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And it might just sort itself out. I actually like Laura better this time around, but Nick is just blah. I enjoyed the drama about this two characters even though its always the same, I was thinking of giving it 3 stars instead of four but I truly enjoyed it. Well its about time because their first book ended like a blank space and it needed a proper ending.

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Lol I know it feels like the first book's ending again but at least it was drawn with a period and not a contiuation anymore. I almost wish I could go back to my own ending for the story.

I'm willing to believe that I overlooked it because I was waiting for more and skipped it. And I was wrong.

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