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This chart should help with Muncie identification. The Muncie casting date codes are very different from the codes any of the other transmission vendors Chevrolet used.

Casting Date Code It is importing to understand that most all Chevrolet parts have some kind of date coding cast or stamped into the part.

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Still, in terms of cubic feet, the Cruze is actually bigger than the Civic, Focus and Corolla, something buyers potentially looking to make out in the backseat should heed. This can be upgraded to a 3. Coupes do have foldable rear seats which helps increase the very limited trunk space.

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These codes can be difficult to read on some units and are comprised of two circles that are divided into two halves. The number of characters in the VIN stamp varied from plant to plant. The good news is that when it comes to cornering, braking and tackling a twisty mountain road the Camaro is totally in its element.

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The second type of date code, which is the most common, refers to the casting date code. We want to date exciting, headache-inducing Camaro drivers.

2018 Chevrolet Camaro Review

Most of the Muncie four-speed transmissions will have Cougar dating events uk casting date code on the main case, extension housings, and side cover.

The standard suspension absorbs bumps and uneven pavement far better than you would expect considering its performance potential, the available adaptive suspension further improves the ride quality and the quiet cabin and muted engine note when not pressing on make for Speed dating camaro relaxing cruiser too.

I was among the 60 evenly paired men and women who took turns sitting in the front and backseats of different Cruze trim levels. It will at least be on the list.

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All Muncie transmissions have a ring groove on the input shaft and counter gear. The Chevrolet Camaro starts things off with a fuel-efficient and very capable turbocharged 2.

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Louis from was relatively consistent. The month is determined by numbers 1 through 12, which correlate with the months of the year.


The first character was the last digit of the model year. The Status Marker information was used by the Muncie plant to help track a problem part. The layout of the dash bothered me.

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If you are considering a Camaro as your next car, then the amount of cargo you can stuff in the trunk is quite possibly less important than the way the car handles. The location of the VIN stamp can vary but it can usually be found on the top leading edge of the main case or on a mounting surface near the Build Date Code.

The engine and transmission were stamped at the same time by the final assembly plant.

It was my first time inside one, and I found it pretty impressive. The LTZ was particularly impressive, but I was even a fan of the 1LT, which had the red and black mesh fabric on the doors and dashboard. Now in its 6th generation the Camaro enters with a few minor trim and specification changes.

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This was done to aid in identifying the transmission ratios. The extension housing date code can usually be found on the passenger-side of the case within a few inches of the casting number.

Speed dating camaro following six digits were the last six digits of the VIN. The two top engine options are a pair of 6. Not a lot of legroom.

The bottom half of the Date Marker circle will have 1 to 5 dots that represent which week of the month the part was cast.

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Some early transmissions did not have this additional letter. How much an event where sexual tension is the entire point helps people remember a car is a matter of opinion. After the event, I caught up with GM account supervisor Tony Macrito and asked him why Chevy chose speed dating as a marketing method for the Cruze.