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The hull truth adventures in online dating, 18 posts in this topic

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They like to travel. Had to break that one off - but did it in a way that we still talk CEO, Executive, someone who she can "take care of" if they take care of her.

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Even though it's still a bit early - it's not too early to at least see whats out there and to have some fun. B Stretched the truth about what they are looking for or completely misrepresented it. With the single exception of one girl - cute, 40, good job as a nurse, met her on Match.

So anyway - this is where I plan to share some of my adventures with you all.

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I'm fun and easy going as long as you are doing what I want to do and spoiling the shit out of me. Alright - so a little background on whats happening I was traveling for work for 3 weeks at the time - so we emailed quite a bit back and forth.

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However - you can pretty much rest assured that these chicks: Even though I was very clear that my schedule was packed, there was no "assumed obligation," and that I am basically an emotional cripple - she assured me that "this is what it is. I have to assume at this point that she was window shopping profiles based on the listed income alone.

They are fun loving and easy going.

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I read that as "I use MyFaceTwit and dating sites to find someone dumb enough to take care of me Wife basically checked out and started doing things that I simply can't tolerate. Most of the women I know have had a hard enough time just getting to where they are going - much less the inherrent dangers of this.

She's posing as an entrepeneur - however lists "social media" as her hobby, passion, and profession If anything, online e-dating has proven to be a really interesting experience so far.

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A Have used the best possible picture in their arsenal One thing leads to another, we go out a couple of times and end up in the sack. She started dropping little hints about a longer term commitment that were as suble as a gun. I will post pictures as appropriate

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