The Story of My Life Essay The Story of My Life Essay

The story of my life essay, essay title: helen keller - the story of my life

The superhero I had in mind worked long hours to provide shelter.

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There was no way she could be educated until she was seven years old, when a teacher named Annie Mansfield Sullivan came to teach her to read the Braille system and to write with a specially constructed typewriter. Being graduated from Radcliffe College with honors is far from an easy task, even for someone with a normal sensory system.

The hard and valuable lessons he has taught me have given me the power to conquer anything standing in my way. At the time that The Story of My Life was written, however, she was still in the process of learning to communicate, and there is very little said about what she would later wish to communicate to the outside world.

Access our The Story of My Life Study Guide for Free Start your hour free trial to access our study guide, along with more than 30, other titles. She makes the reader very much aware of how the world appears to someone who passes through life deaf and blind. The Environment In life, I believe that everyone is affected by different individuals or situations that will forever hold significance in their lives.

Language, in itself, is the essential theme of the book.

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Helen forced herself not to give up and so she and Polly carried on. Above all, there is a focus on the essential importance of language.

Rather, young Helen was an emerging human being. One day Annie went completely blind. As Bruce Wayne was for private business, and Batman was for public saving, my father was sort of similar. Prominent historical figures wander among the pages of The Story of My Life: When Helen was older, she helped blind and deaf students by raising enough money to educate them.

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She never really learned to speak well. This is a story of a young woman learning to reach out to the world. In this time I would always find myself out of place.

The book ends on this note, with a list of favorite authors and a wish to be counted among them.

Helen Keller - the Story of My Life - Essay

Children who have normal senses of sight and hearing and adequate intelligence do not have to be taught to speak. Annie was almost blind herself from a fever, except her fever was different. InHelen graduated from Radcliff College with honors. In many situations they often have two different personalities.

Keller mainly lays the blame for this behavior upon her frustration at the futility of trying to communicate her thoughts and feelings without any ability to speak, read, or write.

Annie's eyes were sore and tired, just like what it was when she was almost blind. Danny Brooks was this caring, hard-working, thoughtful guy to the world. It is natural that she should focus on her process of learning to communicate with the outside world.

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This path was closed to the little girl trapped in a dark and silent world. She then became a lecturer.

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She was born in in Alabama, an apparently normal child. There is more than one way to interpret this emphasis. Most people take language for granted. When she wrote this book, Keller was a student in one of the greatest centers of learning in the world.

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She meets Alexander Graham Bell when she is only six and remains friends with him for years; she visits the acclaimed American poet John Greenleaf Whittier; and she exchanges correspondence with people like Oliver Wendell Holmes and Mrs.

There is also considerable discussion of her examinations and preparation for admission into Radcliffe College, the sister college to Harvard, and her eventual acceptance.