Welcome to UpState New York! Welcome to UpState New York!

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Let me tell you; there's no place like home.

Petersburg, FL, writes, "I moved south mostly to escape the snow and ice and cold weather and have always wanted to live by the beach!! Upon my discharge, I decided to stay in Kansas and have had a wonderful career in Law Enforcement for the past 24 years, and have only had a few occasions to return.

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But - if you go in September or early October, you can get one of the beach loop sites without much trouble and stay a night or Two.

Spenellow and have fun doing stuff at her house playing and going swimming in her pool. I remember the old Post Office on top the hill along with the old Alice Restraunt and Country store we had to walk up to the Post office sometimes 2 twice daily if Watertown ny dating sites mail didn't come in we had to go in the afternoon.

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Looking at the thermometer, it's 20 bellow! This is the place of my best childhood memories. I'm happy to say that my daughter, her husband and my 2 granddaughters have followed in my footsteps and camp at Moffitt Beach annually.

I love it and so does she. I am currently looking for employment in education.

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But then again I did have some great memories as well I used to go see my childhood sweetheart M. The Mohonk reserve is beautiful. Take your atlas and drive along the roads near the shore, find old dirt roads to walk on through old farm fields with gnarled apple trees and birds on a hot, still summer day.

Have I mentioned the breathtaking sunsets over Lake Ontario? I love the town I live in. I loved visiting farms and dairies and being in the midst of so much green! And my favorite--the wineries! Winters are cold throughout the county and summers are hot inland but cooler towards the coast.

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Centrally isolated and awesome! I miss the pride you had living in your hometown. The combination of safety and beauty are incomparable.

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