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Why do guys act weird after a hookup, 8 tips on how to deal after an awkward hookup

ShutterStock "You're a lot smaller than I thought you'd be! Why is it weird? Now, five other times before this, the guy leaves after sex, so I was sure to take it real slow with Jack.

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He never mentioned this girl, who lives out of town, before so I didn't know Ian alexander sr dating to respond.

Maybe the timing just wasn't right.

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It's totally fine to dish to your BFF's about the dude you hooked up with, but you probably shouldn't tell him you're going to do it.

Now I just want to be like it was before, but this situation has become super awkward.

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And yeah, of course, guys want sex, so if you think that sex is the only bargaining chip you have then you will always feel paranoid about men using you. ShutterStock "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? A couple of weeks went by with us being back to normal at work. And that obsession leads to overwhelming fears and insecurities… which leads into neediness… which leads into acting desperate and making mistakes that drive the guy away.

10 Things Not To Say After A Hookup

Since he's not in my social circle and didn't tell me his facebook I don't exactly know anything more that I could use to "accidentally" stumble into him again. Opening up about it to a friend will probably make you feel better, and lift a weight off your shoulders. Try to forget about and let go of your last encounter and focus on making this one better ShutterStock Laugh It Off!

It makes them uncomfortable and it also makes them doubt why they hooked up with you in the first place Rant aside- what should I do in future?

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If not, you run the risk of making a common, and major, mistake that might push him further away so be sure to read this next: I do overanalyze everything, so am I overreacting?

Tell me in the comments! While it can seem like men only want physical pleasure, what most really crave is a woman who reaches them on a deep and profound level.

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Plus, guys get really turned off by low self-esteem. Once, a few years ago, I hooked up with a friend of mine from high school.

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I tried to make it clear at the start of the date that we weren't going to have sex. If you can use your parents as an excuse, do it!

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Are you supposed to just cuddle and not talk? If you want to see how he felt about it, say something like, "Man, that was great!

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At which point, maybe being honest isn't always the best idea I'm really kicking myself over it- if only I had taken it slower then he would've fallen in love with me. ShutterStock Don't Avoid Him Completely The easiest way to deal with an awkward situation is to just avoid the person percent.

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I sent him a playful text saying that I hoped he made it in on time, and he did not respond. I've done this a few times, because I've had more than a few awkward hookups embarrassing.

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Not just your sex.