Cursed Lands by Winter Wolves Cursed Lands by Winter Wolves

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You can bluff, intimidate, coerce, or reason with your foes to force them to flee. Each love interest's ending leads to two more bonus scenes with "pin-up" CGs for the character you've coupled with.

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Cursed Lands offers four bisexual romance options Nuala the desert nomad, Vaeril the fallen druid, Sylrissa and Enok the nagas and two same-sex romance options Leena the amazon and Jasper the pirate. Dwarves, elves, amazons, desert nomads, and river nagas can all be persuaded to join you.

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However, one day a male model, Luis, shows an interest in Amy Negotiate a ceasefire to end things peacefully — or take advantage of your foes' weakness Winter wolves dating sims you've lulled them into a false sense of safety.

It doesn't help that he is always surrounded by beautiful models. Starting out in Lady Popular yo Amy works with Hugh, but she feels that he doesn't respect her work. The game can be played either in pure Visual Novel mode, or with an optional stat-raising gameplay with Normal or Hard difficulty level.

Players are given a daily allowance of Action Points AP to explore the game world and money to purchase items. Which character you pursue a relationship with is completely up to you, meaning the outcome in your game can be entirely different to someone else.

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You assume the role of the Empire's Envoy, secretly serving the Grimoire Council. It doesn't help that Monica, Lawrence's mother, is always trying to stick her nose in their lives. Amy thinks something bad happened to Lawrence when he was younger, and that affects his relationships.

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Amy works in the same hospital as Eddy, but he seems to be more interested in his career than her. The stat-raising features a "Goals System" where you need to increase other stats beside the main one associated with each love interest.

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Killing all enemies is no the longer the only option at your disposal. The game features five different endings for each character based on your choices, plus two optional stat-based epilogues. Games Like My Candy Love Lady Popular Lady Popular gives you complete control of your own life as you battle it out in the fashion arena, decorate your apartment, juggle a boyfriend and so much more.

For the first time in a Winter Wolves game, you can sleep with multiple love interests.

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The game plays like a RPG with an innovative social talent system that lets you take advantage of your enemies' personalities. My Candy Love is a dating and flirting game that is based on the Japanese dating simulation genre otome.

A mysterious mist has spread over the plains surrounding the Castle of N'Mar, and the mists carry with them the smell of undeath.

Players in My Candy Love also have to manage their morale to keep themselves socialising at their best. You must assemble a small strike team to investigate what is happening, and put a stop to whatever evil is lurking within the Castle of N'Mar.

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The sequel of the popular otome game "Always Remember Me", this game indeed begins where we last left Amy off: With the help of Karen the Amazon Queen and Apolimesho the Archwizard, you'll need to recruit a team of individuals, united by a common goal, from all corners of Aravorn.

Talking with Nathan, a dying man at the hospital, will open Amy's eyes and force Eddy to make a choice.

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Each route will have different problems, activities, main characters and unique settings. Of course, be ready to face any possible consequences!

Meanwhile, an unpleasant character from the first game, Abigail, makes her reappearance. The Empire's remaining forces regroup and devise an alternative plan, this time based on concealment and infiltration. The game Ideal dating agency includes a "visual novel mode" for those who want to enjoy the story without playing through the battles.

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As such the game appeals to girls of varying ages and with multiple partners to pursue there is something for everyone. The blight grows closer to the Empire's borders with every Winter wolves dating sims day, and they send an expedition to investigate - with disastrous results.

The games like My Candy Love here offer great flirting, dating and romantic experiences that will mostly appeal to teenage girls.

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Amy is busy writing her second book, but it's proving to be more difficult than ever. She wants to live in the same building! In Never Forget Me, the game begins where most end!